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What is PAT Tester Calibration?

PAT Tester calibrationPAT testers are measurement instruments and it is important to routinely check that your PAT Tester is measuring correctly.

This process is known as calibration. It is recommended that this should be carried out annually to ensure that your PAT test results are safe and accurate.

Note: The IEE PAT Testing Code of Practice says “The accuracy of a test instrument should be verified and recorded annually or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.” By returning the Tester to us for calibration you comply with this recommendation.

What does PAT Tester calibration involve?

The PAT tester is cleaned and refurbished.

The unit is then calibrated using our calibration equipment. Please note our test results are traceable back to national standards. New calibration labels are applied to the unit.

Our test engineers will automatically upgrade the software on your PAT tester where necessary.

Do you calibrate all makes and models of PAT testers?

Yes. Below are some of the ones we have calibrated over the last few years. There are no models of PAT Tester that we cannot calibrate.

Kewtech: KT71, Kewtech KT72, Kewtech KT73

Seaward: Primetest 50, Primetest 100, Primetest 250, Primetest 350

Martindale: EasyPAT1060, EasyPAT 2100, Handypat 500, HandyPAT 600, MicroPAT

Parker Bell: PB500, PAC 500

Metrel: SwiftPAT, Metrel GammaPAT

Robin: SmartPAT 3000, SmartPAT 3500

Megger: PAT1, Megger PAT3, Megger PAT32

Fluke: 6200

How do I return the PAT tester?

PAT Tester Calibration - Collection and delivery

We offer a full collection and delivery service, it will be collected, calibrated and returned back you.  

Alternatively, you can send it to us and we will calibrate it and return it to you.

We also offer a drop in service.

How long will the calibration take?

Collection, Calibration and delivery back to you are normally within 5 working days.

Can you remind me when my calibration is due?

Yes we can. We routinely send you an annual reminder to ensure your tester continues to provide safe test results. If you have not used our service, why not use the link on the left and register for our calibration reminder service.



PAT Tester Calibration

Any Manufacturer, Any Model

Kewtech, Seaward, Metrel, Martindale, Megger, Robin

£55 + VAT

You can drop it into our offices in York, We can collect and return

OR you ship it to us, we courier it back to you